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Sound Window Design Consultation



Product Description

Window design consultations are designed to address your particular soundproofing need. Speak to a qualified professional with over 30 years of soundproofing installation and design experience.

Windows come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. We can help design a window or system for you that will reduce or block outside noise to create a more quiet indoor environment. Our specialty windows provide a barrier against noise while providing insulation and energy efficiency for your home. Contact us anytime for your quality soundproofing consultation.

Prices for consultations range from

$200 for telephone/internet
$250 for window design
$375-$750 for on -site noise control designs
Depending on scope and location
Digital Testing services maybe higher
Please call for a fixed fee.

Professional on-site soundproofing evaluations available in greater California
Overall, I thought it anybody could try this was very much a check the box type interview.


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