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Rubber Sound Control Underlayment – 5mm-30ft Roll

Rubber Sound Control Underlayment – 5mm-30ft Roll


Product Description

Free delivery on 4 or more rolls in San Francisco with two days notice.  Inquire about our low and discounted delivery fees for all other areas.  Place an order or call for a delivery quote.  415-516-0064

4ft x 30ft

120 sq. ft. per roll

Tip: Use two layers of 5mm underlayment for 10mm applications.

Our Rubber Underlayment is a flat, resilient underlayment that is used for a variety of soundproofing floor applications, normally placed directly under a variety of floor finishes, yielding exceptional sound reduction results even under hard surface flooring and over concrete and wood joist construction.

Our soundproofing rubber underlay is compatible with a wide variety of floor finishes such as hardwood, ceramic tile, stone, laminate and vinyl. It is also an excellent underlayment for carpet and rugs. Our soundproofing rubber underlayment meets and exceeds tough building code requirements while adding less than ½” of floor height.  Roll out this underlayment for cost-effective ease of installation!

Raise STC
Under a hardwood floor, and on top of 8” concrete slab, our 5 mm Rubber Underlayment will increase STC (Sound Transmission Class) from 35 points to an amazing 54 points!

For Premium Assemblies
Combine 5 mm Rubber Underlayment with our 6mm Acoustical Cork underlayment to achieve a superior sound reduction de-coupler.

Sustainable product:  Made of 100% recycled rubber materials!

Rolls are 4 feet wide. 5 mm rolls are 30 feet long. (Covers 120 square feet.)

Our soundproofing rubber underlayment conforms with indoor air quality and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emission requirements and is itself a recyclable product. It is made from high quality recycled rubber material made using scrap rubber from the recycling of truck tires and virgin rubber materials, saving energy, reducing oil consumption and keeping millions of pounds of tire waste out of landfills.

LEED Rubber Flooring
MR4 – Recycled content – Up to 90% Post Consumer Recycled Content
MR5 – Locally Manufactured Content – Within 500 miles manufacturer
EQ4 – Low Emitting Materials/Adhesives Specified Meet SCAQMD 1168
Here is a guide to help the install process go smoothly so you company forum get up and running quickly on ios 8 when it is released.


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